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How to get there

To get to the Island Weh you have to take the ferry from the ferry harbour of Banda Aceh(Ulee lheu)

There are several ways to travel to Banda Aceh. You can take a bus from the West or East Coast, or by air. You can fly daily from Medan ( several airlines). You can fly from Penang on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (Firefly) of arriving from Kuala Lumpur (Air Asia, Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays).

Regardless from where you arrive, there is only one way to go to Pulau Weh: by boat! Two times a day a ferry goes back and forth to Pulau Weh/Sabang, leaving from the harbour Ulee Lheu on the mainland to the harbour Balohan of the island.

There are fast ferries, and a slower boat. The fast ferry takes 45 minutes, the slow boot 2 hours. If you bring your own car: make sure you check the timetable!

Always check before if the boat is really leaving!

When you set foot on the harbor of Pulau Weh, several taxis and bus drivers will aproach you, offering you their services. That's the way things go in Asia! All of these drivers are trustworthy, you can make your own bargain.

The taxi drive to our guesthouse will cost around 150.000-200.000 rupiah. Try to share a taxi, with 4 persons it then will cost 30.000 till 50.000 rph a person

A good alternative is that you contact us and we will arrange for you your transport from Balohan to Sirui.

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